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Body By Mommy was created by a mom for moms! After getting pregnant with my first son I became very uncomfortable with lifting in a gym setting and I decided to take my workouts home! I stuck with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for the remainder of my pregnancy and haven't looked back!

After seeing the incredible results I got I wanted to share that with other women! I became a Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist during my postpartum recovery and began training all women in the private Facebook group the Body By Mommy Community four days a week on live! I live for training with my girls!

I took it a step further and began offering 12 week 1:1 coaching because unlike other coaches in the industry I know that it's not just about weight loss or eating a vegetable, especially if you are unhappy with your current physical and mental state or find yourself talking negatively to and about yourself on a daily basis! My 1:1 coaching dives deep into nutrition education so you can start making empowered choices in your nutrition as well as your mentality to make sure that as your body changes so does you MIND! We want to love ourselves during this process and that is exactly why I coach you through identity, mindset, habits, self-love and positive affirmations. Don't go another day leaving out the foundation of mentality in your healthy journey, apply for my 1:1 or Group Coaching today!


1:1 & Group Coaching

Do you feel stuck in your current mindset, routine and eating patterns?

Would it be helpful to have a proven 12 week system to follow that focuses on mental health through self-love, habits and mindset while also diving deep and expanding your nutrition education and confidence?

Now you can with the Body By Mommy Coaching programs! Tessa created the 1:1 and group coaching options for women that know they need more accountability, information and guidance to finally start living their life by design. You can choose if you need 1:1 coaching with Tessa or if the group setting is best for you and get ready for a complete 180 degree mental shift while finally gaining control and confidence in your nutrition and exercise routine. Spots are only available every six weeks and fill quickly. For more details click the "Coaching" tab or "Apply Today" to schedule a call with Tessa!


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